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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. it's a busy friday night on fox 5. a suspected sexual predator taken off the streets, what led police to him and the scary discovery investigators made inside his car. >> plus who killed a maryland teenager as she lay sleeping in her own bed? police returned to the scene searching for new clues. >> and a hot humid beginning to your weekend. be prepared. the remnants of isaac could dampen your holiday plans. thanks for joining us tonight.
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i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a virginia man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. police arrested him after the girl's family saw her in the car with the man. >> what investigators found when they searched the car is chilling. fox 5's matt ackland is working this one now. >> police say they found what some refer to as a rape kit inside his car, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, zip ties, a black ski mask and several boxes of condoms. montgomery county police want you to get a good look at nathan portnoy's picture. they say he was involved in the three month online relationship with a 12-year-old who apparently told him she was an adult. police want to know if had he any contact with other children. >> there's always that potential and that's why we're releasing this story, his picture and many details of this investigation. >> authorities say the online relationship turned into a face to face meeting last friday. the two met in bethesda and
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played soccer. fortunately a family member saw the two together. >> the family member saw her getting into his car and they followed, were able to contact her using her cell phone and she exited the vehicle at a safe time. >> family members told miss they continued to pursue portnoy until -- police they continued to pursue portnoy until he did something that forced them to back off. >> he pointed a handgun at them through a window. that's when they broke off from him and returned to pick her up. >> the family called police and they tracked portnoy to his neighborhood in falls church, virginia. when they made a traffic stop, they were surprised to see what was inside his vehicle. >> some people might call that a rape kit. there was a mask. there was implements to bind somebody if they were used that way. >> once again apparently the girl told portnoy she was an adult online, but police say she doesn't look like an adult
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in person. tonight portnoy is in a virginia jail. he should face a judge in montgomery county sometime next week. metro transit police arrested a suspected gunman in college park this afternoon following an attempted robbery around 2:00 in the stairwell of the metro parking garage. two suspects held someone at gunpoint demanding a backpack. they didn't get away. cops caught up with one of them, found a bb gun, haven't found the second guy. another big story tonight, the search for clues in the death of a 17-year-old girl. prince george's county police spent several hours today searching the girl's kettering neighborhood. amber stanley was murdered as she slept in her own bed and no one seems to know why. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: next to a white hearse parked outside the prince george's ballroom this morning friends who had come to pay respects to amber's family stopped for hugs and a few words before going inside. some of amber's classmates left in tears still stunned by
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what's happened. >> it's just unbearable. you just wouldn't think you see her in the hallway and the next morning you see her on the news and something terrible like this has happened to her. >> reporter: friends describe the teen as smart, outgoing and ambitious. >> my heart goes out to her father. he has done so much for her in her life to try to make sure that she -- to make sure that she was brought up right and it's heartbreaking. ng. >> iestigars are convinced there's a nexus won the house where amber was killed and a motive -- between the house where amber was killed and a motive for the murder with. that in mind police spent the morning searching the route they think he took leaving the house on chartsey street. >> the day of the murder we searched traffic cans, storm drains. we're searching a wooded area.
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we have information that suggests the suspect left on foot down chartsey in this direction. >> in the days after the murder police said investigators had found nothing in amber's background that would suggest anyone would want to harm her. so the police dig even deeper. >> so many times when we get a lead on a case, somebody will say oh, i didn't think it mattered and it may not be -- it may not seem significant to the person who seasons it, but when that's coupled with something -- sees it, but when that's coupled with something we already have and they don't know and we put it together it, can break the case. >> the night amber was killed the gunman kicked open the front door, went up a night of stairs to her bedroom and shot her multiple times. the others in the home heard the commotion and escaped through a window unharmed. amber stanley had just begun her senior year at flowers high school. she had designs on attending harvard university before attending medical school. prince george's county police could use your help in this
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case. if you think you could help them solve it, there's a $25,000 reward. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. the hunt is on for the driver of a stolen car who hit several other cars during a police chase today near south capitol and n streets in southwest. u.s. park police were chasing the car when it flew through the intersection crashing into several vehicles including a fire truck. no one was hurt, but the person driving the stolen car got away. we're hearing for the first time the 911 calls made after a csx train derailed in ellicott city. the derailment happened nearly two weeks ago. two young women who were sitting on the bridge were killed when the train was passing. callers to police couldn't believe what they just witnessed. >> i'm in ellicott city. the train fell over. >> where is it, sir? >> this is ellicott city, the historic ellicott city on main street. the train fell off the tracks. >> is it on the road? >> no. it's -- it derailed.
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>> the freight train was carrying mounds of coal. elizabeth nass and rose mayr were killed when coal spled out of the derailed cars and buried them. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the derailment. >> if is the last unofficial weekend of summer. thousands will be heading to the beach or firing up the backyard barbecue if mother nature cooperates. gary mcgrady is in the weather center thousand with a first look at your labor day forecast. what's the word? >> it all depends on what happens with what's left over from isaac bottom line. it's coming in our direction and what i think as we head through this holiday weekend, unfortunately we were real hot today, been real nice the last few days, but what we're thinking for this holiday forecast, it does look a bit on the unsettled side, okay? not so much tomorrow, but as we get into sunday and labor day, i think there's going to be a better chance we'll have some showers and thunderstorms and right now looks like we could have some pockets of some
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fairly heavy rain coming up on labor day. that's the way it looks like right now. you see here we have generally fair skies, a few clouds back west of us, still drifting in our direction, but what's left of isaac, which was hurricane isaac and then became tropical storm and then back down to tropical depression, by the way, the hurricane center is no longer issuing any statements on this. this is just now known as the remnants of isaac here and it's a lot of rain into the places that need the rain. again, it is moving to the north and northeast in our direction. so eventually we will get caught up in all this and that means, well, some rain and some thunderstorms as we start getting into especially sunday and monday of this holiday weekend. we'll break it all down and have your forecast for the beach coming up as well. >> see you in a few. isaac may have moved out of louisiana, but the impact from the damage caused by the storm may linger for years. fox's nicole collins has the latest. >> reporter: with clean-up
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from isaac underway mitt romney beats president obama to the punch visiting louisiana as the gulf coast remains on guard. isaac gone from louisiana, but its impact still lingers. >> we continue to see the impacts of the elevated water levels and we'll continue to see localized flooding challenges because we do have such high water levels in these rivers and bayous. >> reporter: some evacuees may be out of their homes a few more days. many homes and businesses are still without power raising concerns about extreme heat. >> the national weather service does advise the heat index will be above 100. they especially caution the elderly, those infirm without power that several days of exposure can cause health problems. >> reporter: the remnants of isaac now pounding arkansas and missouri as the weather system moves northwest. some areas in louisiana including new orleans major damage thanks to levees fortified following hurricane katrina. >> it was remarkable as a lifetime resident of louisiana
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to -- i get to the back end of a storm like this and actually walk on dry streets. >> reporter: those in plaquemines parish didn't fare as well where at least two bodies were found in the floodwater. >> they were a couple in their mid-40s and it does appear they drowned. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee mitt romney on the ground in law law meeting with officials and -- in louisiana meeting with officials and taking in the damage. president obama cancelling a campaign stop monday to instead t tvisi damage in louisiana himself. nicole collins, fox news. acts of heroism during a scary apartment fire in prince george's county up next. we'll hear from one of the injured firefighters who rescued a woman from the flames. >> i was shaking so much i couldn't even hole onto the wheel. >> a mom has a medical emergency on a deserted road, how her son's quick thinking saved the day on the news edge at 11:00. anncr: it'll start out as concrete andnd steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done.
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hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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an incredible story of heroism. a destructive fire at a condo complex in temple hills,
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maryland trapped four people, hurt several firefighters and damaged seven condos. fox 5's laura evans has the story tonight. >> reporter: a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. so that tells you just how quickly a small kitchen fire can spread. that is exactly what happened last night at a condo complex on huntley square drive in temple hills, maryland. nd. >> this i lit the stove and dozed off to sleep and the house is on fire. >> reporter: the 911 call came around 10 p.m. thursday. the fire was coming from a terrace level apartment. >> firefighters go through the front. they were encountered by a significant amount of fire when they opened the apartment. that fire drove many of the firefighters up the steps while others held those steps with a hose line. >> reporter: mark bayshore, prince george's county fire chief, says there was a flash and four firefighters were injured with second degree burns. meanwhile as the fire spread, firefighters had to rescue pool trapped. one of them was -- people
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trapped. one of them was a woman in the apartment directly above the fire. captain scott kilpatrick who was hospitalized overnight told his harrowing friday and he became emotional at times recounting the dramatic moment. he said the woman was screaming she couldn't get out. captain kilpatrick wearing an oxygen tank and mask was able to reach her. he tried calming her down sharing his mask with her each taking turns at the fresh air. >> i started talking to her. i told command that i was with the victim. i was going to share my air. we were going to protect in place and i needed help pulling the victim out. >> reporter: within moments she both became trapped. he said thing -- they both became trapped. he said things got bad very quickly. the floor started bubbling. her feet were being burned. >> when the floor is bubbling, it means the advanced fire is right below you and it means the fire where you're at could flash over. it's increasing in hot. it's getting hot. it's getting really smoky. visibility is zero.
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we were pretty much caught up by fire. i told her we have to get out. we have to get out. >> reporter: just as his air was running low, other firefighter arrived to help them get out -- firefighters arrived to help them get out. >> he was put in a very difficult situation and i know a lot of times our firefighters are reluctant to say what they did saved a life. >> reporter: but mark brady, the department's public information officer, says there is no doubt what captain kilpatrick did saved that woman's life thursday night. captain kilpatrick was treated for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion and released from the hospital early this morning. the four other firefighters injured are also out of the hospital tonight as is the woman who was rescued by captain kilpatrick. back to you in the studio. a water main break made a big mess of traffic in crystal city this morning. a 12-inch water main ruptured at the intersection of 12th and south clark streets. crews shut off the salves but not before it created this half block pond at the intersection.
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officials say repairs could take a few days. the intersection is expected to remain at least partially closed until work is completed. the rnc is over. the dnc kicks off in 72 hours. mitt romney accepted his party's nomination last night as the gop wrapped it up in tampa on monday. democrats are gathered in charlotte, north carolina for theirs. today both men are on the campaign trail. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: for mitt romney it was the biggest speech of his life, part biography, part resume, half hour pitch to voters to replace president obama with him. >> i accept your nominates for president of the united states -- nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: friday before leaving florida romney greeted supporters at a sendoff rally. >> the convtion was a magnificent and wonderful opportunity for us to share our message with the american people thanks in large measure to the folks here in florida and now we really do need you to get out there and get your
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friends to vote. >> rorter: the president meanwhile headed to el paso, texas, to speak to troops in what was billed as a noncampaign event to highlight the second anniversary of his decision to end u.s. combat in iraq. >> at the time i know some folks didn't believe me. they were skeptical. some thought the end of combat was just war games and semantics, but i meant what i said. >> reporter: but the vice presidential candidates were also in action. in richmond republican candidate paul ryan appeared with house gop leader eric cantor of virginia. >> i don't want to bore you by saying the same thing over again, but it bears repeating. if we stay on the same path, we'll get more of the same results. >> reporter: while vice president joe biden met with gm on workers in recordstown, ohio taking on ryan's speech -- in lordstown, ohio taking on ryan's speech in which he
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talked about an auto plant shutting down in isconsin. >> what he didn't tell you is the plant in janesville actually closed when president bush was still in office. he didn't tell you. that. >> reporter: analysts, though, are split on whether romney himself did enough to attract independent voters and open up a lead ahead of the democratic convention. >> i think the most important thing was frankly the sense of optimism and hope that he projected. >> the key will be when we look at all the polls after both conventions are over. >> reporter: but for now both campaigns seem to be sharing one plan, to not waste any time in the six weeks left until the election. from florida governor romney headed to louisiana to tour storm damage with louisiana governor bobby jindal. when democrats meet in charlotte, north carolina, monday to begin their convention, president obama will also head to louisiana. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. you've heard of tebowing.
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now there's eastwooding. it's become an internet phenomenon after eastwood's gop speech where he talked with an invisible president obama by a compare on stage. >> how do you handle promises you made by running for election and how do you handle it? what do you say to people? do you just -- you know, i know people are wondering. ring. >> since last night's speech eastwooding pictures like this have popped up all over the internet. we're talking redskins football next. the team made its final round of cuts before the season begins. we'll tell you who's in and who's out coming up next. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november.
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vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. in case you didn't know it, the redskins made their final cuts to get down to the league mandated 53 players. lindsay murphy is here with the
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tough cuts, who is in, out and left? >> this is a bad day for the players because you're waiting for that phone call and anthony armstrong said hey, you don't want to see that 703 number pop up. a couple bubble guys that made the team, brandon banks, a big fan favorite, he gets cheers everywhere and also desmond briscoe, big time wide receiver with two touchdowns during the preseason. he made the team. almost every draft pick but one made the 53-man roster. now the cuts, the not so fun part. the biggest name was running back tim hightower. some thought he would be starter, but his return from acl surgery has been limiting and slow. hightower ran 321 yards in five games for the skins last season. he only played one preseason game. there were rumors anthony armstrong would be traded to miami, but that did not happen. aaa was among the 22 released entering his third season in washington but was injured much of the preseason. he lost the job in a crowded
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battle of wide receivers. other notable cuts, wideout terrance austin, offensive lineman erik cook and linebacker bryan kehl. just one quick programming reminder, college football kicks off team on my 20 on fox 5 and elan faces off against north carolina at noon. iowa state follows with a 3:30 kickoff and the last game at 7:30 p.m. you're excited about college football. >> of course. >> who does duke play their first game? >> fiu. >> just a couple notes, the redskins roster stands at 52. they'll get to 53. there's a chance to pick up a guy off waiver sometime tonight. that has to be done by tomorrow. also practice squad is put together tomorrow at noon and they're nine days away from their opener. >> looking forward to that one, too. coming up a harvard university rocked by a giant
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cheating scandal. >> plus another deadly shooting spree, this time in a grocery store next.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. new jersey police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened inside a supermarket early this morning. an ex marine they say opened fire on two co-workers before turning the gun on himself. fox's sharon crowley has the latest. >> reporter: ex-marine terence tyler left his job at the old bridge pathmark at 3:30 in the morning and returned about a half hour later with an assault rifle and a handgun and started shooting. >> he entered the store firing his weapon. two of the employees were shot and killed. the others were able to hide and escape. >> reporter: those who did not escape, 18-year-old christina labruto, a graduate of old bridge high school and a
10:30 pm
college student brian breen, both shot and killed by tyler before tyler turned the gun on hips. witnesses and workers describe a -- on himself. witnesses and workers describe a chaotic scene. >> he threw a shopping cart through the window, jumped in the building through the window and started shooting. at that point he ran out the backdoor. >> reporter: a police officer posted outside christina's old bridge home said the family is too distraught and cannot yet talk about their daughter. what is so baffling to witnesses and police is why 23- year-old tyler would walk unprovoked into his workplace and fire more than 16 shots at his co-workers. >> it's horrible. i'm upset, you know, and i just feel sorry for everybody that got hurt her. >> reporter: the assistant manager here at the pathmark is being hailed as a hero for helping usher people to safety, this as family members and friends are planning a vigil at old bridge high school where two of the dead went to school. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. the latest on the colorado
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movie massacre, during a recent hearing an attorney for the alleged shooter james holmes revealed holmes tried to reach the university of colorado's psychiatrist nine times before the shooting. the psychiatrist is the same doctor who holmes landly mailed a notebook to de-- allegedly mailed a notebook to detailing the attack. prosecutors are trying to say holmes did not send that notebook for therapy. his next hearing is scheduled september 20th. the federal government is trying to partially reinstate a fine against virginia tech stemming from the 2007 shooting massacre saying the university's delayed response to shootings violated federal rules. the department of education initially fined the university $55,000, but a judge tossed out the fine in april saying the university did not violate any rules. education secretary arne duncan is now seeking half of that fine as punishment. the university could appeal. 15 years after her tragic death the world is remembering princess diana.
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the princess of wales died in a car crash in 1997 trying to escape paparazzi in paris. she married prince charles in 1981, had two sons william and harry, divorced in 1996. there was no official ceremony in england to mark the day. people in france coming together to refrequent on princess diana's legacy -- to reflect on princess diana's legacy. the spot has long been visited by those wishing to place flowers in diana's memory. >> she's a legacy and she really had impacted so many people's lives. she changed pay lot of people's lives and she still lives on -- a lot of people's lives and she still lives on today. >> they've still been coming five, 10, 15 years and more. i think she's so lovely that they'll keep coming. >> diana's partner also died in the crash. in the u.s. a cheating scandal hit another top tier school. harvard university says -- excuse me. harvard university is the latest institution facing these cheating allegations after
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school officials learned an alarming number of students may have shared answers or plagiarized on a final exam. fox's heather hedges has the story. >> reporter: behind these gates harvard university has produced some of the most well respected world leaders and trail blazers, but now that pristine reputation in danger of being tarnished all because of a cheating scandal the university admits is unprecedented in the school's modern history. 125 students accused of cheating on a final exam last spring for an intro to congress class. it was a take-home exam, but right on it there were explicit instructions to complete the exam alone. the harvard crimson's rebecca robbins has been speaking with students close to those under investigation. >> very traumatized, very upset about the investigation. there's certainly more to this story. >> reporter: the situation surfaced after the course's professor noticed similarities in 10 to 20 exams. so he notified the administrative board who
10:34 pm
reviewed all 279 of them. they found roughly half were suspicious. >> they have been determined -- they haven't determined yet if it's specific plain rising of answers or if -- plagiarizing of answers or if it's inappropriate collaboration. >> reporter: a woman identifying herself as a harvard professor that asked we not show her face says part of the problem is that the school allows take-home exams. >> you've got to be kidding. they can write to someone in i don't know what other part of the world and get the answers right away. take-home exams are a joke. >> reporter: but harvard sophomore eliza hashme from baltimore says there's a culture fostered by the school of collaborative learning and wonders if this is an innocent extension of that. >> if you are studying with the entire students the same semester it may be as a result of your studying with them. >> reporter: but her mother thinks the students door smart to not realize what they were doing and is glad the university isn't looking the other way.
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>> you can see what is happening the last three, four years in the banking system everywhere. we know what's right and wrong, but sometimes in the whole peer group, there's peer pressure. coming up a man who is $24 million richer comes forward and tells us what he did when he bought the winning powerball ticket. >> the lincoln memorial reflecting pool is reopened to the public and yes, this is legal. get ready to fork over extra cash this holiday weekend. gas prices jumped 31 cents in august to $3.83 a gallon, the biggest jump we've seen since last april. if that trend continues, this labor day weekend could be the most expensive labor day for drivers ever. despite the high prices aaa predicts some 33 million americans will hit the road for the long weekend. if that holds true, this would be the busiest holiday for traveling since the recession. meantime word on the street is that pepsico is tweaking its
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diet pepsi formula. the goal is to get the drink to stay sweet longer. the new version could hit shelves in a matter of months and taco bell says that it's adding a mountain dew am to its breakfast menu nationwide. the drink is a mix of mountain dew and tropicana orange juice available at taco bell. drink up. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school
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prcandidate is more likely toion return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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it's called the summer of the facebook flops, stock for the world's most popular networking site hit an all time
10:40 pm
low closing down about 5.8%. the stock has fallen more than 52% since the ipo in may. facebook has been trying to cozy up to advertisers by putting in sponsor stories. a winner of the biggest powerball jackpot or one of them in history finally came forward. donna lawson of lancing, michigan, won the 337 million -- donald lawson of lancing, michigan, won the $337 million jackpot. what was his winning strategy? >> tell you what. i walked into the sunoco station and usually there ain't nobody up there, but there was a long line, you know, five, six people in front of me. so something from above -- i do have to credit that -- told me to go over and pick my own numbers, which i didn't really pick them. my hand just went and that's what i did. then i waited in line to play them.
10:41 pm
>> lawson opted for the lump sum payment, $224 million, not sure what he wants to do with the money but he plans to travel and continue living a simple life. tonight on the news edge virginia voters have a big job ahead. barack obama took the commonwealth in '08. was mitt romney's convention speech enough to sway voters? we'll take a pulse of the electorate coming up. >> and a mother blacks out behind the wheel. her son tells us how he stayed calm and saved her life at 11:00.
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big day on the national mall. the national park service reopened the reflecting pool that lies won the lincoln memorial and the -- between the lincoln memorial and the washington monument. >> reporter: morning tourists in washington had to struggle through fencing to see the famous reflecting pool that was an original part of the design of the lincoln memorial. crowds surrounded the pool in 1963 for dr. martin luther king, jr.'s famous i have a
10:45 pm
dream speech. for nearly two years the old leaking reflecting pool has been torn up, reconstructed and fenced off from the public. construction and clean-up crews put finishing touches on the $34 million reconstruction project and shortly after noon scott stevenson of korman construction started taking down the fencing. a few minutes later the public was invited to come down and see the new reflecting pool which instead of being filled with tap water is now filled with water taken from the nearby tidal basin and processed to make it cleaner. there were some logistical problems in the rebuilding of the reflecting pool on. what is now a field there used to be buildings occupied by the u.s. navy. >> all those substructures and drains and inlets and storm trains and electrical duct banks were still in the ground and when you go to put foundations in, you run into those things that no one knows. about. >> reporter: but the project is now done and there are some
10:46 pm
significant improvements here. what used to be a gravel path is now paved. this is for wheelchair users. it goes from the lincoln memorial to the world war ii memorial. in fact, another improvement, see the curved walkway? that's actually a handicapped ramp that leads to the plaza the lincoln memorial. visitors who got to experience the newly opened reflecting pool seemed to appreciate the access. >> i've actually never been here, so i was really excited they cut the chain down. it's awesome like wow. >> reporter: although wading is forbidden, a park service spokesman says dipping your feet from the edge is okay. at the newly opened reflecting pool in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. a nonprofit group is seeking dozens of volunteers to guide visitors at the national mall. the trust for the national mall is in charge of restoring the mall and wants volunteer guides for areas that aren't covered by the national park service, volunteers and personnel.
10:47 pm
the group needs 100 volunteers trained and in place for the presidential inauguration in january. labor day weekend has arrived and so have all the tourist and beach towns. ocean city officials expect 250 to 285,000 people to pack the resort town this holiday weekend. earlier today on fox 5 news at 5:00 we spoke with ocean city mayor rick mehan via skype. he said advertising has helped bring in even more tourists to beach town this summer. >> we really reached out not just to our region of baltimore and washington, but above that on into new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. we're seeing a lot of people from other areas come. once they come one time, they come back. >> last weekend more than 267,000 people visited ocean city. town officials say nearly 4 million tourists have visited oc since memorial day. >> i want you guys to know i spend a lot of time in ocean city and let me tell you, you
10:48 pm
don't have to advertise in pennsylvania. they won't stop coming. it's all pennsylvania. >> you're saying ronnie has been work doing hard dragging everybody out to ocean city? >> it's a good campaign, though. they did a good job. >> i bet his back hurts at this point, 267,000 people. >> a lot of folks wonder how the beaches are looking. >> tomorrow is the best. sunday is probably okay and then as we get over to labor day, that seems to be a bit of a question mark there. how much rain is actually going to be on the shore? we'll visit that, more specifically in just a second, but since we were coming out of that ocean city piece i thought it would be nice to go ahead and start with the ocean city forecast. generally speaking, water temperature is right around 80 degrees, clouds and sun each day with a chance for some late day showers and thunderstorms. that looks like on sunday, monday those showers and storms get a little more numerous, temperatures in the upper 70s to the middle 80s or so. a whole lot cooler than what we
10:49 pm
were here today, 97 reagan national, not a record, though. the record was 100 degrees. dulles 95, bwi marshall 93 degrees and this is where the temperatures are now. we cooled down a bit, not a lot, 85 in town, quantico 83. it has dropped at least to the upper 70s for some, couple spots fallen to the lower 70s. so we've talked about this a bit it. does look like we're into this unsettled pattern going through the holiday weekend. showers, thunderstorms coming back into our forecast as high pressure breaks down and that tropical system, what's left of it back out to the west, will come. in it's not going to be too terribly bad tomorrow. wetter forecast comes in on sunday and then labor day for us. we're pretty good now. high pressure is still in control keeping us dry. most of these clouds are at bay, but there is a lot of cloudiness and the system is still sitting and swirling
10:50 pm
here. this is officially now just the remnants of isaac, no more reports coming out from the hurricane center based on this storm, but the majority of this, what's left of isaac, is going to move off to the east. it's moving slowly and very dry areas tonight are getting some very beneficial rain. so that's good. now this is top evening at 5:00. notice -- tomorrow evening at 5:00. notice a lot of scattered showers and thunderstorms back out to the west, here an increase in clouds tomorrow afternoon and evening. there's at least a spotty chance for some showers and some storms. sunday morning some clouds and perhaps a few showers around, but as we get into the day and late afternoon sunday, that's where i think we'll have more numerous showers and a few thunderstorms certainly are possible. you can see here we're not showing a lot of this out towards the beaches and along the shore, but we are definitely showing some clouds. i think there could be a few showers firing up there and then on monday morning here we're in for some pretty good
10:51 pm
rain across the mid-atlantic. that includes the beaches, but right now we're painting most of that to the southern beaches. it may be from delaware back up to jersey we're looking in pretty good shape here. in terms of monday 5:00 i think again some scattered showers out by the shore, so not a perfect labor day and certainly not for us either. we're talking about a lot of clouds and still some showers basically sunday and monday. tonight we're 75 degrees. so a lot milder than we've been the last several nights, a few clouds and some patchy fog and by the way, tonight is a beautiful blue moon out there, okay? we won't have another one like it again for several more years. so if you can take advantage of seeing that, it's real pretty. 91 degrees tomorrow, so a little cooler than today. we'll have more clouds and a chance for some showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon, but i think they're going to be fairly spotty. i don't think everybody will get wet. for the next seven days this is your accuweather seven-day
10:52 pm
forecast and this looks, well, pretty unsettled, especially after told. we're going to be in the middle 80 -- after tomorrow. we're going to be in the middle 80s through sunday, labor day and right through middle next week and a chance for showers and thunderstorms just about every single day. >> i guess that's the way things have to be. >> there's nothing much we can do about it. getting bombarded on twitter tonight, so this next story is for misplaced d.c. born d.c. born 61, d.c. yetti and val thompson. the nationals have bounced back from their five-game losing streak. the team found their offense posting eight runs in their last two games and even more tonight. lindsay murphy has the highlights before she talks about the redskins, right? >> yes. every night a new player is getting the job done for the nationals. some days it's bryce harper, adam laroche. tonight it was gio gonzalez. he's been stellar all season long. s on one big reason the nationals have a winning -- he
10:53 pm
is one big reason the nationals have a winning record every month this season. bottom of the 1st laroche singles to left field. jayson werth and bryce harper score. those are r.b.i.s 80 and 81 for laroche. nats lead 2 -0. bottom of the 5th nats up 6-0 and bryce harper singles up the middle. kirk suzuki and jayson werth come on down. nationals 8-0. top of the 9th gio searching for the shutout and gets shane robinson to fly out to center ending the game. gio gets the first complete shoutout of his career. nationals win 10-0 and have outscored the cardinals 18-1 in two games and it doesn't get any better than a gatorade shower with shaving cream topping. tonight was the nationals' 80th victory of the season matching their win total from last year. at 3 p.m. tomorrow is our national special called natitude 2012 before the 4 p.m.
10:54 pm
national game. coming up next an incredible feat from a man suffering from leukemia. wait until you hear how long it took him to ride his bike across the country. >> the ads are about to get more evasive on facebook and twitter, details on the news edge. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
10:55 pm
but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november.
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vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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the story of a d.c. man who is making his way through a dark time in his life and where the journey is taking him will amaze you. fox 5's beth parker reports. >> just a dream. >> reporter: a dream that is now a reality. with just a folded up map and the open road in front of him, d.c. resident luigi laraia set off to ride his bike across the united states. luigi has leukemia and just finished a round of
10:58 pm
chemotherapy. he rode through ohio and on through chicago past stunning views in montana. in just 35 days he made it across the canadian border on to vancouver. >> i think i told you when i left, i didn't know whether i was able to, you know, even finish one day, let alone the whole ride. i'm here in vancouver with more than 3,000-miles in my legs and i'm really happy. >> reporter: along the way he blogged and raised money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> thank you so much for the support. keep them coming. >> reporter: and they did. he wanted to raise $10,000. he raised $25,000 he didn't just raise money. he raised hope. >> by luigi being able to go out there and do this and really say you're not in this alone, it's really inspirational. >> so many times i thought okay, let's find an excuse here because with everybody following me here i cannot just say i'm sorry, i quit.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: he drew strength from friends and family across the miles, even from strangers. >> it leaves you with a lot of joy. i think that's the main thing i take away from this, sort of the humanity that the race, the love from people that i barely know. >> reporter: he's had plenty of time to do some thinking. >> you have cancer, but it seems time fills you and it's up to you to define your life to make your life as beautiful as you want. if you want it, you know, if you set your mind to it, you can do it. it's really up to you. this is what i learn every day riding my bike. >> reporter: he is flying home to d.c. back to work and more chemotherapy, another mountain he will no doubt conquer. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you'd like more information about luigi or the work of the leukemia and lymphoma society, you can visit ourself website and click on web links. than
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